Proceedings of Domestic Conference in Physics

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  1. S. D. Jang, M. H. Cho, "Pulsed Nonthermal Plasma Processing for Industrial DeNOx/DeSOx Control", Proceeding of the 41st the KIEE Summer Conference 2010, p. 1472-1473, July 14~July 16, 2010, BEXCO, Busan, S. Korea

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  1. Y. S. Bae, M. H. Cho, W. Namkung “Parameter Study in Pre-ionization by 84 GHz Microwave for KSTAR* Plasma,” KAPRA (Cheorwon, July 9, 2005). [PDF]

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  1. S. D. Jang, Y. G. Son, J. S. Oh, H. G. Lee, Y. S. Bae, H. G. Lee, M. H. Cho, W. Namkung, "Development of a 45-kV Pulse Transformer for a 1.5-MW Magnetron Application*," KAPRA & KPS/DPP Joint Workshop (KAPRA 물리기술연구소, July 9-10, 2004). [PDF]
  2. Y. G. Son, S. D. Jang, J. S.Oh, M. H. Cho, W. Namkang, H. K. Lee, Y. S. Bae, K. T. Lee, B. H. Son, "Development of 3.6 MW, 4 μs, 200 pps Pulse Modulator for a High power magnetron ," KIEE (Busan Paradise-HOTEL, July 14-16, 2004). [PDF]

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  1. 손윤규, 장성덕, 오종석, 조무현, "Study on the high power & high voltage 35-kW, 50-kV inverter power supply," Trans. KIEE, Vol.51B(11), Nov., 628-634 (2002).