Joint Workshop

Name Institute Title
Parallel Oral 3C
Manfred Thumm KIT Development of a Multi-Purpose, Multi-Frequency Gyrotron for DEMO at KIT
Kazunobu Nagasaki Kyoto Univ. Effect of Magnetic Shear on Propagation and Absorption of EC Waves
Robert Ellis PPPL Additive Manufacturing Techniques for KSTAR ECH Launcher Components
Koji Takahashi JAEA Development of high power gyrotrons and mm-wave launching antenna for ITER and JT-60SA
EunMi Choi UNIST Activity on Gyrotron Development at UNIST
Young-soon Bae NFRI Plan of off-axis NBI in KSTAR
Jeehyun Kim NFRI Consideration of N// for efficient power coupling of LHCD
Masaki Osakabe NIFS Deuterium experiment project on LHD and impact of plasma ion species on confinement
Parallel Oral 4
Sonjong Wang NFRI Helicon Wave Current Drive in KSTAR plasmas
Ryosuke Seki NIFS Orbit following code in real coordinate for ICRF fast ion and WM module of TASK3D to solve wave equation
Tetsuo Seki NIFS Recet Results of LHD ICRF Heating Experiments
Haejin Kim NIFS ICRF heating in KSTAR through the upgrade of trasmission line components
Masaki Nishiura Tokyo Univ. Spectrum analysis of 77 GHz collective Thomson scattering diagnostic in LHD
Jinhyun Jeong NFRI Experimental results and upgrade plan of ECH/CD system in KSTAR
Toru li NIFS Recent upgrade of the ECH system and ray tracing calculations for ECH experiments in LHD
Ryuya Ikezoe Tsukuba Univ. Measurement of density fluctuation of ICRF waves using a reflectometer in GAMMA 10
Kazuyoshi Hada Kyoto Univ. 0-D simulation of NBI plasma Start-Up with assistance of 2.45 GHz Microwaves in heliotron J